1. When carrying a heavy object use both arms and hold the object close to you.
  2. When sitting, sit well back against a firm-backed chair.
  3. Do not slide forward and slump in an armchair.
  4. Do not sit in one position for a long time.
  5. If reading, typing, knitting, for any length of time, circle your shoulders regularly, sit up straight and try not to stoop forwards.
  6. When driving:
    • Make sure car seat is far enough forward.
    • Sit up straight.
    • If your neck is painful, support it with a towel or soft collar.
  7. When studying, books must be placed 45 degrees in front of you.
  8. Working surfaces must be high enough not to have to stoop or bend neck forwards, but not so high that neck moves beyond the neutral position which is half way between the bent and stretched position.
  9. Reading in bed:
    • Best to lie on side with 2 pillows under neck and head and back supported on a pillow.
    • If on back, bend knees with pillow on tummy, rest hands and book on pillows.
  10. Sleeping:
    • Firm bed and one good pillow, don’t use feather pillows.
    • When lying on side use a pillow that allows 90 degrees between neck and shoulder (neutral head position).
    • If on back, lie horizontally i.e. straight, not with head propped up against head rest.
    • Never sleep on your tummy because then your head is twisted to one side.